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S2D - Storage Spaces Direct

Micha Wets

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As more and more companies move their environment(s) to the Azure Cloud, the need for a high-available fileserver grows with it. At the time of the migration/installation, a 128GB volume might be sufficient, at some point in time, the volume needs to be increased. But this is not the same procedure as you would do on a on-premise datacenter. In this blog, you will see how to increase the available diskspace for a Clustered Volume, optimizing the available IOPS & throughput of the disks.…

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I started as a junior System Engineer in 2005, but over the years, I acquired more knowledge & skills as a DevOps engineer and have in depth knowledge of private, hybrid and public clouds.
I founded my company to use this experience & knowledge to assist companies with their current & new projects.
In December 2018, I became Microsoft MVP on Windows Virtual Desktop