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Solution for the 0x204 error when connecting to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Solution for the 0x204 error code when connecting to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Micha Wets

2 minutes read

While migrating a customer to Windows Virtual Desktop, some users were unable to connect to their WVD desktop/app.
All these users got an error while connecting with this error message: Error code: 0x204
You can find a screenshot & exact error message at the end of the article.

After some research and Wireshark tracing, we found out that the computers were unable to connect to the Windows Virtual Desktop service using a correct Cipher.

Micha Wets

3 minutes read

RDmi has evolved into Windows Virtual Desktop

Last week at Ignite, Microsoft announced the new name and model for RDmi: Windows Virtual Desktop or shortened to WVD (follow meĀ on Twitter or search for #RDmiEvolved and #MsWvd) A few things have changed since my latest blog about RDmi (https://www.cloud-architect.be/2018/03/27/rdmi-update-rdmi-compared-rds/) which I will describe below. We already knew a few things in advance, but we were not allowed to share them in public, until now!

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