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Windows virtual desktop ARM templates for the Spring 2020 edition

Windows virtual desktop ARM templates for the Spring 2020 edition

Micha Wets

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This week (15-06 until 19-06), I'm hosting a Technical Deep Dive on the Windows Virtual Desktop Spring 2020 edition toghether with Bart Roels from Microsoft Belgium for all West-Europe partners from Microsoft. We started with a Presentation on Monday about the changes in the Spring 2020 edition. And from Tuesday till Friday, we hosted Hands-on Labs. During these Hands-on Labs, the attendees had to deploy a WVD Workspace and Hostpool using ARM Templates.

Regarding the Hands-on Labs, Bart and I have some plans for the Hands-on labs, just stay tuned 😊.

ARM Templates

To make the ARM Deployment easier for the attendees, I created a public Github Repo containing the ARM Templates. And to make it more easier, I even added Deploy to Azure buttons 😊
It's a public repo, so you can make Pull requests if you find some issues.

WVD Spring 2020 ARM templates


We hope this helps! Please leave a comment below if you have questions or remarks.

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