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Micha Wets

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RDS HTML5 webclient update 1.0.1 - fixing the AltGr issues

With the launch of the HTML5 Webclient for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2016, Microsoft has released a great feature. Because all existing software can be used inside any browser, without rewriting the application. We wrote an introduction about the Webclient, which you can find here: https://blog.aspex.be/en/microsoft-remote-desktop-client-first-look

Micha Wets

3 minutes read

RDmi has evolved into Windows Virtual Desktop

Last week at Ignite, Microsoft announced the new name and model for RDmi: Windows Virtual Desktop or shortened to WVD (follow meĀ on Twitter or search for #RDmiEvolved and #MsWvd) A few things have changed since my latest blog about RDmi (https://www.cloud-architect.be/2018/03/27/rdmi-update-rdmi-compared-rds/) which I will describe below. We already knew a few things in advance, but we were not allowed to share them in public, until now!

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I started as a junior System Engineer in 2005, but over the years, I acquired more knowledge & skills as a DevOps engineer and have in depth knowledge of private, hybrid and public clouds.
I founded my company to use this experience & knowledge to assist companies with their current & new projects.
In December 2018, I became Microsoft MVP on Windows Virtual Desktop