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RDmi update: RDmi compared with RDS




As we have posted in our previous blog (Next generation architecture & HTML5 for RDS Hosting), ASPEX and Microsoft are still working closely together to test and improve the Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure or RDmi.

We also talked about RDmi on two conferences:

  • first time on our Technical Partner event, on December 12th 2017
  • second time on ITPROud, the latest IT Conference for IT Pro’s, on March 14th 2018

Microsoft allowed us to give these presentations under NDA to all attendees, including a live demo of RDmi!

In this post, we will show you what you have missed from the conferences (without the information covered by the NDA), the key differences between the classic RDS and RDmi, and how an RDmi will look like in the near future.

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Next generation architecture & HTML5 for RDS hosting

Next generation architecture & HTML5 for RDS hosting


I already gave a small quote on LinkedIn about the cooperation between ASPEX and Microsoft about optimizing hosting Windows desktops and applications on Azure.
I’m glad to announce that the news is made public at the Inspire conference in Washington DC: Next generation architecture for RDS hosting

Next generation architecture for RDS hosting

We (the ASPEX team and myself) will continue to cooperate closely with Microsoft, giving feedback and ideas on how the Next generation of RDS hosting would look like according to us, what our partners/customers expect now & what they want for the future.
We will endeavor to be able to test & implement this next generation architecture from the very beginning, and provide feedback to Microsoft to make this the “…new architecture that enables you to create the next generation of services for your customers, while taking your business to the next level of efficiency and growth…”


Here are a few important elements about this new architecture:

  • “…The RDS modern infrastructure components we are showcasing today extend the current Windows Server 2016 RDS to enable partners to address new markets segments and customers while reducing the cost and complexity of hosted Windows desktop and application deployments…”
  • “…adding a new RD Diagnostics service…”
  • “…
    • Both single and multi-tenant deployments, making smaller deployments (less than 100 users) much more economically viable, while providing the necessary security of tenant isolation
    • Deployments on Microsoft Azure, on-premises equipment, and hybrid configurations
    • Virtual machines or Azure App Services can be used for deployment


HTML5 web client!

Another important new element: a HTML5 web client will be included in the new architecture.
“… The new infrastructure will also include a web client that allows users to connect from any HTML5 browser. The web client, combined with the other RDS modern infrastructure features, allows many Windows applications to be easily transformed into a Web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application without having to rewrite a line of code. …”

Updates coming soon

More information and updates will come up on my blog in the next weeks/months.

Official release: